marine surveyours

“amazsa Survey Department is formed by highly qualified Merchant Officers with a wide professional experience at sea and ashore.”

Efficiency, Independence, Quality and Immediateness are our milestones.
As independent surveyors, we offer our services in any matter related to the Vessel, her cargo and its handling procedures in the following areas:

  • Condition surveys
  • Draft surveys
  • Cargo damages
  • Stowaways
  • Heavy Lift Cargo Handling inspections
  • Tally Controls
  • Pre-shipments
  • Discharging
  • Loading
  • Lashing
  • On/Off hire


P&I representatives

amazsa Survey Department is formed by highly qualified merchant Officers with a wide professional experience both at sea and ashore providing first class assistance with Integrity as essential value.
amazsa performs the required services with full Integrity & Independence in order to achieve the satisfaction of our Clients.
amazsa acts as representative of the main and major P&I Clubs, acting on their behalf in the North Spain area.


cargo supervisors


Assisting to dry and liquid bulk cargoes loading and unloading operations, amazsa and its superintendents supervise that such operations are performed in the best efficient, safe and suitable way, with respect to the Vessel and her Cargoes, protecting always Clients’ interests.

flag representatives

We are proud that authorities of foreign countries believe in the quality of our work, as well as the independence and efficient execution of the assigned tasks.
amazsa acts as Flag representative and inspector of the following Flags: