ship management

amazsa offers her clients all kind of services related to the Management of Vessels“

Our services include various activities, highlighted as follows:

  • Crew Management
  • Technical Management
  • Quality, Safety and Security Management
  • Accountancy

crew management

amazsa started doing Crewing business in 1973 with the supply of Officers and Ratings to Ship Owners.
As Crew Managers, we offer a full integrated manning service, designated to relieve the Owners from any workload connected with the supply, enrolment and manning of crew for their Vessels.
amazsa offers crewmembers of different nationalities through its own worldwide agency network.
amazsa takes part in Marine Cadet School Programs, not only in Spain, but also abroad, trying to build people “of the company” in a market in which loyalty is an asset.


technical management


amazsa provides high professional technical management services through our shore-based personnel.
Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals maintain at any time quality procedures related to technical conditions, maintenance and monitoring of performance of each manned vessel, but adhered to a meticulous cost control.
Our professionals, with an extensive experience in national/international regulations, offer a full management reporting of each vessel and its operating costs, including Accounts and Technical Supervision, Dry-docking and attendance / inspection visits on board.
amazsa is able to provide full marine insurance services, including processing of claims to protect clients’ assets on the most competitive terms.


ISM/ISPS management

amazsa offers consultancy services in all matters related to Quality, Safety and Security applied to Shipping Companies and their vessels.
Our services are monitored and based on the Quality Assurance System ISO-9001 standards, always respecting the confidentiality of each of the Company’s businesses and activities. amazsa ensures the adequate and necessary resources to render the contracted services.
The main aim of amazsa is to ensure that the Shipping shore and abroad Companies perform the assigned functions and responsibilities with a high standard of professionalism, complying always with the National and International Maritime Codes and regulations as well as with the Companies’ policies.